"From Ice House To Your House"    


All Stroms are made with Provolone & American Cheese, tomatoes & sweet peppers, all wrapped up and baked in a pocket of dough. When your strom comes out of the oven, it is brushed with butter and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese & parsley.


Small (12") or Large (16")

stromRegular Strom – Made with Cooked Salami
Italian Strom – Capicolla Ham (hot!) and Cooked Salami
Ham Strom – Made with Boiled Ham
Cheesesteak Strom – Steak, American & Provalone Cheese

Specialty Stroms

Small (12") or Large (16")

King Street Strom - Sliced Roast Beef, Swiss & Provolone cheese, tomatoes & sweet peppers, with beef gravy on the side for dippin'.
Buffalo Chicken Strom - Chicken steak with our mild wing sauce,
Bleu Cheese & American cheese, tomatoes & sweet peppers.