"From Ice House To Your House"    

Ice House Steaks

Ice House steak sandwiches are made with local Farmland steak meat and served on "Conshy" rolls, delivered warm from Conshohocken Bakery every single morning. Sauce and fried onions, hot (banana peppers) or sweet peppers are available free on your request.

We serve three different sized sandwiches: 8", 12" or 16".
Ice House Cheesesteak with Sauce and Hot & Sweet Peppers

Cheesesteak ~ Our Specialty! Made with American Cheese.
Mushroom Cheesesteak ~ Made with American Cheese & fresh (never canned) mushrooms.
Pizza Steak ~ Provolone Cheese, sauce & oregano.
Cheesesteak Hoagie ~ Provolone Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, raw onions, oregano & oil.
California Cheesesteak ~ American Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo.
Chicken Cheesesteak ~ Made with American Cheese.
California Chicken Cheesesteak ~ American Cheese, lettuce, tomatos & mayo.
Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak ~ American Cheese, Bleu Cheese & our signature Mild Wing Sauce. Like it hot? Ask for "Hot Wing Sauce" instead!

"I've tried a few things at the Ice House, but the steaks are my favorite!  I find myself craving an Ice House steak several times a month."
~ Steve, East Petersburg, PA

"Their pizza steaks are some of the best outside of Philly. I love the steak fries and chicken fingers as well. Quick delivery-always accurate, great for game days at home! I will be a life long customer."
~ Yahoo Reviewer