"From Ice House To Your House"    

Eatza Our Pizza! ®


The Ice House serves two sizes of traditional (round) pizza: 14" and 16".
Both sizes are cut into 8 slices.

Cheese Pizza ~ Always a favorite!
Cheesesteak Pizza ~ Steak, fried onions & cheese.
White Pizza ~ White sauce made of Ricotta Cheese and garlic, topped with chopped tomato.
Veggie Lovers Pizza ~ Broccoli, tomato slices, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives & cheese. 
Meat Lovers Pizza ~ Pepperoni, Ham & Sweet Italian Sausage.
Hawaiian Pizza ~ Pineapple tidbits & Ham.
Ice House Pizza ~ This is it ~ the Big Kahuna of pizzas. Loaded with pepperoni, sausage, ham, onions,  green peppers, mushrooms, extra cheese, broccoli & black olives.

• • •  Extra Toppings • • •

Extra Cheese • Pepperoni • Olives • Ham • Italian Sweet Sausage • Fresh Mushrooms Green Peppers • Canadian Ham • Onions • Bacon • Pineapple • Broccoli

• All pizzas are sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese at the end of their baking. •

Twenty-five years of tinkering has produced a darn good pizza pie. We think we have the best sauce, the perfect cheese blend and the right amount of fresh toppings. But why don't you decide for yourself?

Let's talk about value. Your large pizza from the Ice House has a whopping 47 square inches more pizza than the large pizzas from the three big chains. That's because our large pizza is 16" in diameter ~ theirs is only 14".
Yep, just another reason to "Eatza Our Pizza®".



" I love Ice House! They have the best white pizza around. I am originally from the city and have tried white pizza from everywhere around Pottstown and never liked any. Between my boyfriend and I we've tried almost everything on the menu and it is all super yummy! We always order from here! "      ~Zombidoll