"From Ice House To Your House"    

Delicious Hot Dinners

All Dinners served with steak fries, and are available at anytime during the day!
Breaded Shrimp – Seven succulent butterflied & breaded shrimp, served with our home-made cocktail sauce & steak fries.
Hot Roast Beef – Comfort Food! Thinly sliced lean Roast Beef layered between two slices of bread, covered with beef gravy & served with steak fries.
Chicken Tenders Dinner – Breaded Tenders served with steak fries. Choose from BBQ, Sweet & Sour or Honey Mustard sauce.
Fish & Chips – Two Cornona® Beer Batter-Dip't cod fillets served with steak fries & tartar sauce on the side.

icehouse 9 chicken
Chicken Tenders Dinner with Honey Mustard Sauce

We guarantee you’ll be delighted!