"From Ice House To Your House"    

Ice House Beer & Soda



2 Liter & 20 oz. Bottles.
Coke • Diet Coke • Cherry Coke • Root Beer • Dr. Pepper • Sprite
Yuengling-glass--bottlePLUS: Milk, Chocolate Milk, Ice Teas, Lemonade & bottled water.
CHIPS: We carry Herr’s Chips:
Regular, Ripples, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion.

Enjoy an icy cold beer with your dine-in meal at the Ice House. Ask your Server for more details.

COLD BEER FOR TAKE OUT: One-stop shopping! Our beer selection is icy cold & ready to go home with you. We always have an interesting brew for you to try! Remember, please drink responsibly.
Unless you look like our Mom, WE WILL ASK FOR I.D.

Amber Bock Colt 45 Killians Old Milwaukee SmithWick
Bass Coors/Coors Light Labatt Blue Pabst Stella Artois
Becks Corona Mike's Parrot Bay St. Pauli
Blue Moon Farm House Ale Michelob/Ultra Peroni Twisted Tea
Busch Light Flying Fish Miller Pilsner Urquelt Woodchuck
Busch Fosters Milwaukee's Best Rolling Rock Yuengling Lager
Bud Ice Guinnes Molson Sam Adams Yuengling Lite
Budwesier Heineken Moosehead Seagrams Yuengling Porter
Budwesier Select Honey Brown Natural Ice Sierra Nevada Yuengling Black & Tan
Chesterfield Ice House Natural Light Smirnoff's